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Three-card brag - Wikipedia Three-card brag is a 16th-century British card game, and the British national representative of the vying or "bluffing" family of gambling games. Brag is a direct descendant of the Elizabethan game of Primero and one of the several ancestors to poker, ... Three of a kind is a very high-ranked hand, while a straight beats a flush, ... BBV - Internet Slang words The definition of BBV is "Brags Beats and Variance (poker)" ... So now you know - BBV means "Brags Beats and Variance (poker)" - don't thank us. YW! Untitled - Andreas Mausch

Jul 22, 2009 · The explanation following the word Brag is usually the highlight of the story. Conversely, the "Beat" is the lowpoint of the story. The "Variance" response is usually an unexpected, or unintended, occurrence. Made popular on 2p2. Example. Brag: Went to Vegas, met some pro poker players. Beat: Lost a lot of money playing poker with them.

Results 1 - 10 ... poker pick up lines - Poker Beats Brags and Variance. They are the two only times I have ever gambling super bowl anyone ucw gambling to hit on ... A Prop Bet Story: "Diet Ketchup's" Calf Meets "Acesflow" | PokerNews 21 Nov 2012 ... “It's where poker players go to brag about wins and whine about losses,” ... What I didn't know was that in the Brags, Bad Beats and Variance ... /r/poker weekly BBV Thread : poker - Reddit

Ahyaaaa Bad Beats! ... POKER VARIANCE EXPLAINED! - Duration: 8:51. Alec Torelli Poker 7,900 views. 8:51. The BIGGEST 5/5 Game I've Ever Played!!

I Quit | Brags, Beats and Variance | Forum | Tournament ... So I stepped back from the ledge, read a few forum entries on bad beats and variance and decided to give it another try last night. Amazingly my better pocket pairs won, I hit my draws, built a decent stack and made the final table in an ACR $11 $7,500 GTD MTT with 666 runners. BBV - An Acronym for Beats, Brags, and Variance - Poker Terms

Variance in Poker - How to deal with the upswings and downswings associated with luck and variance in playing online poker.

Aug 19, 2018 ... Among the most popular are the TwoPlusTwo NVG (News, Views and Gossip), BBV (Beats, Brags, and Variance), Marketplace, and Strategy ... A Prop Bet Story: "Diet Ketchup's" Calf Meets "Acesflow" | PokerNews Nov 21, 2012 ... What I didn't know was that in the Brags, Bad Beats and Variance threads on TwoPlusTwo were notorious for trolls! Anyone who posts anything ...

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Poker Beats Brags and Variance - Two Plus Two Poker Forum Poker Beats, Brags, and Variance - Here's where you put your whines and wins. Brag, Beat, Variance (BBV) | Flop Turn River